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We were looking to raise funds for some football goals, nets and balls and I remembered Pro Strike from a previous school I worked in. I remembered they were friendly, well organised and gave the children rewards for participating, whilst also raising money! They did not disappoint for my new school either! We raised over £1500 which means our field will now have two football pitches for our children to play on at lunchtimes and for clubs. Everyone was very excited by the day; there were individual competitions, class competitions and even a staff competition! It was a fun environment for all and ProStrikes energy levels were brilliant throughout the day which created a buzz around the whole school. Thank you again for a brilliant day - the funds will be spent wisely!

Mr Plumb, Headteacher

The ProStrike event was a major success. All the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, even those who have no interest in football, and a fantastic amount of money was raised for the school. The organisers were very accommodating to our needs and their enthusiasm towards the children was wonderful to see. This is an amazing exhibition for raising the sports profile within the school and increasing the funds to accommodate students even more.

Mr Ganley, Teacher

We really enjoyed working with ProStrike, they made in enjoyable for all and were very organised throughout the day. They helped us raise over £2000!

Mr Mills, PE Lead

Working with ProStrike and their team was an absolute pleasure from start
to finish. From the very first assembly the children were so excited about
the upcoming event, and ProStrike definitely didn't disappoint! Each child
had 3 turns to shoot the ball regardless of whether they raised money or
not meaning everyone had a fantastic day and took home a certificate with
their best score. The prizes were quick to arrive and the team at ProStrike
went out of their way on several occasions to ensure everyone had gotten
the prizes they had worked for. The trophy for top fundraiser was just the
icing on the cake and made one child extremely happy. Overall our school
managed to raise an incredible £1189 which will help go towards new
playtime and sports equipment for the school. We at cannot thank the team
at ProStrike enough for the amazing day we had. I would recommend this to
anyone and we will definitely be using them again in the future!

Mr Hough, Sports Co-ordinator

We held a ProStrike event as part of our PSA events earlier this year. The pupils had a blast! We rasied over £1000 and we are looking forward to having another event!

Ms Patel, Parent Staff Association

It was fantastic having ProStrike in our school today! The children really enjoyed the whole experience. Thanks again for giving the children such a memorable day

Miss Arthur, PE coordinator

It was so much fun! We liked it when our teacher had a go as well, we were all cheering loudly.

My fastest speed was 26mph and I loved all of my prizes so much.

Aaron, Year 3 Pupil