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Our Events

ProStrike Events was set up with one clear mission; to provide Primary Schools' and grass roots football teams with a simple, hassle free solution to raise much needed funds whilst rewarding pupils and players for their fundraising efforts.

When developing our fundraising programme, we consulted a number of school and their staff members to discuss with them the best way to deliver our events. This has allowed us to come up with not only a highly profitable fundraising solution but a way to deliver an event with minimal hassle or extra work load for school staff.

To ensure our events run as smoothly as possible the process is kept to five simple steps:

Our Events

Step 1:

Contact us to discuss available dates.
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or get in touch using our booking form

Our Events

Step 2:

The ProStrike events team will promote the event to your pupils or players using our virtual assembly. The participants will also receive their sponsorship forms and covering letters explaining the event to their parents.

Our Events

Step 3:

The pupils/players start their fundraising. Remember, the more they raise the more prizes they win and the more funds the school receive.

Our Events

Step 4:

Our events team return to you two weeks later to deliver the event. We want everyone to enjoy their experience with us so every pupil will take part whether they were able to raise funds or not!

Our Events

Step 5:

The sponsorship forms are collected, the pupils/players receive their prizes and your receive your funds.

How Our Events Work